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n-gage- App Review, Are you n-gaging !!

A master key kind of app, which has solutions for all your communication needs . It will change the way you chat.

n-gage – Safe chats across all platforms

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App with a stealth mode to beat stalkers

Sometimes you may want to reconnect with an old school friend or former colleague without sharing every detail of your life with them.

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n-gage Messenger App Assures Privacy And Security To Users

The new app features ensure the confidentiality and security of messages and multimedia content exchanged by users.

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n-gage App Review – An App with Privacy and Fun Features

I came across this interesting app called n-gage which has many features which can be used to make your chatting experience safe. The best feature, which I do not think any other app in the recent times provide is Extract, which allows user to retrieve a particular message or entire chat from the other persons mobile

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Avoid cyber stalking nightmares with Lifestyle Messenger app, n-gage

Perhaps Kristen could have avoided this nightmare if she’d have been using Lifestyle Messenger App, n-gage.

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n-gage Review: Love privacy? Engage with ‘n-gage’

Today the entire world is so obsessed with social media that they will post anything and everything in the public domain which may be misused by someone, somewhere in some or the other form. In the virtual world today when everybody is constantly on the move and hooked on to their mobiles, there is a…


n-gage yourself

What if we tell you that you can send a message to a person which gets auto deleted from his/ her mobile after a certain time period, leaving no trace of the chat or message? Unbelievable isn’t it? But guys and girls there is something to rejoice about and much more. A new chat app called ‘n-gage’ is all set to revolutionize the way people chat.

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n-gage is a fun app with amazing privacy features

When I was informed about the n-gage app, I was very reluctant to try out one more messenger app and thought that it would be the same like its predecessors. But let me confess, I was amazingly surprised

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One messaging app that fits all!

With more and more features being constantly added, this just might well be on it’s way to be the only app you’ll need for staying in touch