Amazing Privacy Features

Screengrab & Screen Record Proof

By default, n-gage blocks any attempts of screenshots or recordings being taken. You get to decide who gets to take a picture of your words.

Self-Destructing Messages

Limit the preview of messages, files or videos from being accessible longer than necessary. Set a command to keep your messages visible, and let it disappear after without a trace.

Keep Messages Safe

Password protect individual messages, or an entire conversation so it remains a secret between you and your contacts. Password protect content at your friend’s end as well.

Go Stealth

Go incognito with Stealth, and keep unwanted company from bothering you over messaging.

Take Back Anytime

Avoid sender’s regret and take back messages, images, audio, video and files at any point in time. Even if they have been read.

Share / Forward Control

Embarrassing birthday parties, wild night’s out, keep the memories just between your contacts. n-gage blocks forwarding, sharing or copying content without your permission.

Private Area

We all keep a diary, make yours a digital diary. Put conversations, contacts and certain memories in a password protected hidden area.


Keep people from shoulder surfing with Scramble, the clever feature that disguises the content on your screen in an unrecognisable format.