n-gage Messenger App Assures Privacy And Security To Users

n-gage messenger - techtree reviewSocial media and messaging apps have forever changed the course of communication between people. Billions of text messages, pictures, voice notes are exchanged via social media and messaging apps every single day. The paramount concern among the users of the popular networking apps is the security and privacy of the content sent and received. The innate ability of mankind to entrust friends and acquaintances has lead to most men and women in divulging confidential, private pictures and conversations. This has unfortunately been used a weapon to harass, humiliate and blackmail users across the globe.

Reports of sexual harassment, cyber-bullying and blackmail using private pictures and conversations have been on the rise and it has been observed that the lack of security for the content exchanged creates loopholes for tormentors to target their victims. Innocent teenagers to celebrities have been victims of cyber crimes, which leave them embarrassed and traumatized, where in certain cases, especially adolescents have committed suicide due to humiliation.

Realizing the need for quality content exchange that ensures privacy and security, a comprehensive new lifestyle messenger app, ‘n-gage’ has been launched in India.The app currently offers 13 unique Privacy features. These include the ability to prevent others from taking a screenshot of conversation with the recipient, or stop them from copying, emailing and/ or forwarding messages and content shared with them. It also allows taking back the messages, content or entire conversations a user regrets sending to a friend. Alternatively, users can send messages that self destruct after a certain time that
is set by the user.

“Most victims of serious crime already know their perpetrator. Similarly, our close and trusted friends are the ones most likely to abuse the private photos and content we share with them. Our 13 unique privacy features on n-gage, a Lifestyle messenger, offers unrivalled protection from such common threats to our privacy,” commented Ajit Patel, CEO and Founder of n-gage, the comprehensive new Lifestyle Messenger.

The app offers more than 13 different Privacy features to suit every user’s individual needs. These include ‘Private Area and Private Gallery’ which keep user’s chats and media files locked away from the rest of the app in a password protected area called the ‘private vault’. Additionally, ‘Stealth Mode’ enables users to make themselves invisible from selected friends in their contact list, and keeps them anonymous in any group chats.

n-gage also enables friends and family from around the world to stay connected through 1-to-1 or Group Video Calls and via ‘in-app’ translation of their chats to over 45 languages.

Unlike other group chats, n-gage users can create groups with up to 300 participants from their contact lists and enjoy multiple conversations organized under one group. With this, n-gage users can share multimedia files and even exit several group conversations without leaving the group.Through features like ‘n-Stickers’,’ n-Cards’, ‘Chat Makeover’ and more, users can enhance their messages with creative and playful content.

n-gage is the world’s first lifestyle messenger app to enable users with or without a Smartphone to send playful content across other social media and messaging apps. As soon as the user joins, they can share messages, doodles and attachments on various other social platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Email and SMS, without other person to download the app.

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