Share messages across any instant messaging app with n-gage

n-gage messenger Hindustan TimesInstant messaging app n-gage has now launched its services in India, which allows users to share messages with any messaging app currently out there. Its the first messaging app that breaks any platform barrier, implying users can share content with any instant messaging app be it WhatsApp, Viber or SnapChat.

“As communication and information travel faster and faster, the world seems to get smaller and smaller. This changes how the world communicates, especially with today’s obsession with social media networks. Keeping this in mind, n-gage offers a novel form of communication by liberating its users to enjoy rich messaging across other instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and many more without the need of a smartphone, or the receiver downloading n-gage,” said Ajit Patel, CEO and founder of n-gage.

Users can also make video calls with n-gage across other platforms be it one-on-one or group video calls. You can create groups of up to 300 participants from their contact lists to start multiple conversations under one group. In addition, it also comes with a ‘Translate’ feature which allows users to instantly translate their incoming and outgoing messages in over 45 languages.

n-gage also addresses privacy and security concerns as it allows users to send encrypted messages, along with the option to delete these messages after have been sent as well preventing others from taking screenshots of conversations. The app also gives users the option to express their emotions with features such as ‘n-Cards’, n-Stickers and ‘Doodle Plus’.

The app is now available for download on Android, iOS and PCs. Meanwhile, the company is also prepping the launch of an enterprise version of the app for business communication.

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