Avoid cyber stalking nightmares with Lifestyle Messenger app, n-gage

n-gage messenger - Cyber Stalking, PrivacyIt seemed like an innocent message from an old college friend, which quickly turned into a stalking nightmare for poor Kristen Pratt. Kristen thought that her stalker was just getting in touch to catch up, but a terrifying cyber nightmare ensued over several harrowing months involving her being bombarded with messages to her Facebook and Twitter accounts with serious threats when she started to ignore them. Kristen’s online tormentor went to jail for his actions, but this experience has left Kristen seriously shaken and she lives in fear of this ever happening to her again.

Perhaps Kristen could have avoided this nightmare if she’d have been using Lifestyle Messenger App, n-gage. n-gage has 13 Privacy features that are selectable depending on individual user preferences. These include Stealth Mode, which allows you to keep yourself invisible on n-gage to certain contacts despite them having your number in their contact list. Kristen could have put her stalker on ‘Stealth’ as soon as she started to feel uncomfortable about his advances.

You can activate ‘Stealth Mode’ for some or all of your n-gage contacts. Plus, if you are participating in Group chats, you will appear as anonymous to those individual group members that you have put on Stealth. Don’t be like Kristen avoid unnecessary privacy issues when using social media, download n-gage today. Protect your privacy, n-gage more and transform lives.

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