n-gage Review: Love privacy? Engage with ‘n-gage’

n-gage messenger - The Hans IndiaToday the entire world is so obsessed with social media that they will post anything and everything in the public domain which may be misused by someone, somewhere in some or the other form.

In the virtual world today when everybody is constantly on the move and hooked on to their mobiles, there is a constant fear that someone might be peeping into your mobile watching your personal messages.
A new app n-gage has come up with real good privacy features, which can curb most of the mishaps, which can happen during chatting. If you send a message which you regret and want to retrieve it from receivers mobile, now it is possible with ‘Extract’ feature. A particular message or the entire conversation can be extracted or deleted from the other person’s mobile.
The Blink feature allows sender to time the message, as to how much time the message will stay in receiver’s mobile. With scramble your chat will be jumbled up and only the receiver will be able to view it with a simple tap.
With private are, you can keep all your private conversation protected from the people, you don’t want to showcase it to.
It is also a fun app due to various features like doodle plus, n-stickers and n-cards. If you’re the one who have a habit of forgetting things, the schedule feature will come to your rescue.
The app also allows one to use it through web version and does not necessarily require a smartphone to receive the message. You can have a broadcast list of upto 300 people and also do cross platform video calling and trust me, the quality is good.
The app has an option to chat in over 45 languages including all the popular languages of the world and Indian languages such as Telugu, Punjabi, Hindi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Bengali and Kannada.
If you have n-gage installed on your mobile, you can message or video chat with other apps like Viber, Wechat, Hike etc, provided you have those app installed on your mobile.
Go n-gage and have fun!