n-gage yourself

youth-incorporated-logoInteresting app, abundant features!

What if we tell you that you can send a message to a person which gets auto deleted from his/ her mobile after a certain time period, leaving no trace of the chat or message? Unbelievable isn’t it? But guys and girls there is something to rejoice about and much more. A new chat app called ‘n-gage’ is all set to revolutionize the way people chat.

n-gage is a first app to cross the platform barrier and you can chat or even do video calls across all the other apps like Wechat, Hike or Whatsapp. This makes the app all the more interesting and a must have in your phone.

Today privacy is the most important aspect that people are looking for and n-gage aims to provide complete privacy and safety to the user. There is a stealth mode, where in people will not be able to locate you even if you are online. Couple of more features, which are really amazing are disabling the screenshot option and blink and scramble, where in the message disappears after a certain time and you can send distorted messages, but when it reaches the other person, he/she can read it with simple tapping.

Apart there are regular features of n-stickers and n-cards, but one can personalize the same to suit better express ones feelings or mood. You can also change the theme or have different themes for different groups or individuals.

The app also allows one to use it through web version, which works like the app. The app has an over 45 languages and host of Indian languages such as Punjabi, Hindi, Gujarati, et al. There is ‘Know’ button, which provides health tips, but guess there are abundant health apps in the market and the makers should provide something more like trending or hot topics like twitter does.

With too many features the interface looks little cluttered, but that’s bound to happen till the time you get use to the app. We also felt that the app was little slow to connect and lot of people expressed unhappiness over not receiving the code quickly, when they were trying to download the app. We wonder that how many users will be really using the entire bouquet of features offered by the app.

Well, all good things have some glitches, but I am sure the developing team must be working to ensure that the user gets a smooth sailing. Overall, it’s a very useful app for people who love privacy.

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