n-gage App Review – An App with Privacy and Fun Features

I came across this interesting app called n-gage which has many features which can be used to make your chatting experience safe. The best feature, which I do not think any other app in the recent times provide is Extract, which allows user to retrieve a particular message or entire chat from the other persons mobile

n-gage yourself

What if we tell you that you can send a message to a person which gets auto deleted from his/ her mobile after a certain time period, leaving no trace of the chat or message? Unbelievable isn’t it? But guys and girls there is something to rejoice about and much more. A new chat app called ‘n-gage’ is all set to revolutionize the way people chat.

Share messages across any instant messaging app with n-gage

Instant messaging app n-gage has now launched its services in India, which allows users to share messages with any messaging app currently out there. Its the first messaging app that breaks any platform barrier, implying users can share content with any instant messaging app be it WhatsApp, Viber or SnapChat. “As communication and information travel …

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